5 bold steps

The 5 Bold Steps canvas helps you co-designing the vision as well as the 5 bold steps to achieve that vision. Additionally, using this tool, your team will be able to clarify what supports your vision, what challenges your vision, and what opportunities are created in working toward your vision. Best of all, the vision canvas will help you derive design criteria for your business model(s) and strategy.

Format TemplateTimeframe 90 minutesGroup Size 6-10Facilitation Level AdvancedRequired Materials Canvas, Post-its


  • Before you start. Arrange for a comfortable environment – preferably not a meeting room. Print the canvas on a big sheet of paper and prepare supporting material, such as post-its and markers.
  • Fill-in the template: rnotDefine your vision statement. What is the future of your organisation/project/Urban Living Lab?How are you going to help the citizens?rnotEssential themes. What are the essential themes supporting your vision? Describe them in one or two wordsrn
  • Discuss the themes. How will the themes show in your organisation? How will the themes make the vision concrete and inspire others?
  • Fill in the template: rnotSupports. What support do you need to reach your vision?rnotChallenges. What challenges obstruct you from reaching your vision?rnot5 bold steps. What concrete steps will you take to achieve your vision?rn
  • Key values. What are the crucial values that form the foundation for your vision and steps? How can they be aligned?


  • An answer to the question “Where do we want to go?”
  • A vision statement, including actions, supports, opportunities, and challenges
  • It’s simple to share and easy to translate into concrete guidelines that decision makers (and executors) need to get their jobs done.


Regardless of the approach you choose to compose your vision, you’ll need to involve the right people. This includes the decision makers as well as everybody else! A vision without actions or ambassadors to carry the message forward is worth no more than the paper it’s printed on, no matter how well crafted.

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