In UNaLab project a wide range of co-creation tools and methods have been used across the different urban demonstration areas to explore, design, implement and evaluate the nature-based solutions (NBS) that are helping the UNaLab cities tackle their specific climate and water-related challenges.

What is it?

The UNaLab Toolkit collects all of the instruments used throughout the UNaLab project in a user-friendly and widely applicable format. The tools are used for the co-creation and experimentation of innovative solutions in a real-life urban environment together with the engagement of citizens and all relevant stakeholder groups in a city. It includes a suite of co-creation tools for Need Finding, Ideation, Strategy planning, Experimentation and Feedback gathering. The tools come in a wide range of formats from games, workshops to templates.

Who can use it?

The Toolkit was designed to support public officials and urban actors interested in co-creating innovative solutions for the built environment together with citizens and other relevant stakeholders.

Why should you use it?

The toolkit can be used as a source of inspiration and to prepare a co-creative session with various stakeholders. Co-creation is the act of working together. To ensure a truly collaborative and “co-creative” approach, you should equip yourself with various methods and tools found in this toolkit.