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Activities Canvas

For each phase of your co-design journey, different activities could be realised according to your context. All along your journey, you will need to plan which activities you want to apply in your context and define what will be the processes you want to use for each of them. The ACTIVITY CANVAS will help you to find the appropriate tools and discuss how to organise every activity.

Format TemplateTimeframe 1-2 hourGroup Size AllFacilitation Level LowRequired Materials Pens, Activities Canvas Template


  • First, you will have to choose an activity.
  • Once you have defined it, the template will support you in defining the stakeholders that will work on it, which are the procedures and rules, the tools you will use and the different outputs you are expecting.
  • Do not hesitate to directly explore the 101 Design Methods Cards to be inspired and to define what is the best way to customise your activity and the tools you will use according to your local context.


With the canvas you will clearly define the objectives of your activity, tools you need to use, your desired outcomes and time needed. The canvas can serve as a starting point for each co-creative activity.


Tackle each section individually and make sure to have enough time.