Ambition Setting

The aim of the Ambition Setting workshops is to set the ambitions for a project. For this purpose, the ambitions of a series cities are defined/refined in a co-creation process, using existing policy documents as a basis for workshops with the cities. In interviews with policy makers, internal and external stakeholders, the ideas are phrased as strategic ambitions.

Format WorkshopTimeframe 3 daysGroup Size 20-25 Facilitation Level MediumRequired Materials Policy documents, Canvas, Post-its


  • Invite the participants (policy makers, strategic members of the municipality, external stakeholders. Through the networks in the cities the local stakeholders should be invited (companies, citizens, public and private organisations and knowledge institutes). The workshop should be taking place over a course of three days.
  • Day 1: Interview with policy makers. Workshop with strategy department
  • Day 2: Workshop with stakeholders focus area 1. Workshop with stakeholders focus area 2
  • Day 3: Working session to establish scope. Preparing main content of concept report.
  • The results of the separate workshops are discussed in a team setting with different stakeholders to prioritise all ambitions and phrase them as main strategic ambitions for the city.


  • Strategy development. 
  • Ambition definition.
  • Stakeholder Commitment.


  • Focus area of the city should be pre-defined
  • This workshop can support roadmapping activities
  • Suggested steps are: (1) Ambition setting, (2) Vision development, (3) Roadmapping, (4) Project portfolio