Ambition Setting

The aim of the Ambition Setting workshops is to set the ambitions for a project. For this purpose, the ambitions of a series cities are defined/refined in a co-creation process, using existing policy documents as a basis for workshops with the cities. In interviews with policy makers, internal and external stakeholders, the ideas are phrased as strategic ambitions.

Format WorkshopTimeframe 3 daysGroup Size 20-25 Facilitation Level MediumRequired Materials Policy documents, Canvas, Post-its


  • Workshops with policy-makers.
  • Workshops with strategic members of the municipality.
  • Workshop with external stakeholders. Through the networks in the cities the local stakeholders (companies, citizens, public and private organisations and knowledge institutes) are invited to participate in the workshops.
  • All workshops are held to get a deep understanding of the ambitions and specific contexts of the cities.
  • The results of the separate workshops are discussed in a team setting with different stakeholders to prioritise all ambitions and phrase them as main strategic ambitions for the city.


  • Strategy development. 
  • Ambition definition.
  • Stakeholder Commitment.