Appraisal interviews

This method aims to evaluate past performances of an activity developed within a group and identify areas of further improvement. Usually, it is exploited as a formal discussion process between an employee and his/her manager. This approach can be transferred through a reversed process among citizens and public bodies/industry.

Format MethodTimeframe < 3hGroup Size AllFacilitation Level MediumRequired Materials Visual collaboration maps and mind maps, toolkits


  • Establish performance standards and criteria for evaluation.
  • Establish performance evaluation policies and the steps necessary for the process.
  • Prepare interview guidelines and evaluation criteria.
  • Schedule the interviews.
  • Conduct the face to face meeting by first introducing the topic, explaining the process, and setting the objectives of the discussion together.
  • Summarise the results, agree on the action plan and on milestones.


This method allows: advance available services; increase efficiency of services; increase effectiveness of services.


The activities developed by each actor within the organisation should be described. This approach allows us to identify the tasks that are more relevant for achieving the goals expected. It is crucial to evaluate the past activities carried out and to set the goals for the appraisal interview with a specific action plan. Share your view about the performance and discuss potential improvements. Find mutual agreements on the results of the performance assessment and delineate together the next steps to improve it.
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