Blink Testing

Users’ impressions of your product/service are fixed within a matter of seconds.  The Blink Test gives you a way to check this out. In this method, you show a user a page for 5 seconds, and then you take it away. The test allows you to determine what visual elements are most prominent within the blink of an eye.  Plus, you see how your customers get initially oriented and re-oriented after an interruption.

Format Method/ICTTimeframe 10 minutesGroup Size 1-15Facilitation Level BeginnerRequired Materials PC, internet connection, paper


  • Determine the type of 5-second blink test you want to perform.
  • Create your test. Manually, you show a page for five seconds, and then take it away.rnNOTE: If you use fivesecondtest.com, the site takes your page away automatically.rn
  • Customers take your test and return in the results.
  • Analyse the results and look for patterns.


It is suitable for determining if users' first impressions of your page are on point, including:

  • The purpose of the page
  • The main elements you can recall
  • The target audience
  • Quality of the design