Open Nature Innovation Arena

Open Nature Innovation Arena also known as the Co-creation Arena is a collaboration environment that connects public authorities and citizens to address a specific urban problem through the co-creation of Nature-based Solutions (NBS). The tool provides several features facilitating the activities of both public authorities and citizens, for example: a catalogue of NBS already implemented in other cities, a task manager for coordinating the contributions, a public voting system, a transparent mechanism for the evaluation and selection of ideas to increase trust in the public authority.

Format ICTTimeframe 15 minutesGroup Size 1-2Facilitation Level BeginnerRequired Materials Smart Device, Internet connection, User guide


  • A citizen starts the co-creation activities creating a “problem” through Open Nature Innovation Arena (ONIA), accessed with this link: . An example of a problem could be: rnotBad quality of water in the river; rnotPolluted air in a district; rnotUrban areas crowded with \\\\'nuisance\\\\' birds. rn
  • The municipality considers the problem and creates a challenge to stimulate citizen participation. The municipality then indicates the challenge evaluation criteria to keep the process transparent
  • Several citizens participate in the challenge submitting possible ideas of solutions. If possible, the author indicates a relationship with a possible already implemented NBS.
  • The municipality at expiration date evaluates the ideas gathered and promotes the better idea. The evaluation period is closed and the evaluations are publicly accessible.
  • The author of the better idea receives a notification and refine the idea and indicate as better is possible.rnrn- He/she involves other users to begin co-workers.rn- He/she assign tasks to co-workers to provide solution specification and additional technical/business details.rn- They indicate a relationship with a possible already implemented NBS.rn- When the idea refinement is completed, the municipality promotes the idea to the implementation and monitoring phase.rn



  • Stakeholder involvement.
  • Shared responsibility.
  • Social cohesion.
  • Transparency


Don’t expect an NBS description/identification from citizens, they will provide a simple and drafted idea of a possible solution and will collaborate to refine and implement it as NBS.  They will also provide some important elements and requirements (form their point of view) to be addressed. The Urban Living Lab Manager and expert users will evaluate the gathered ideas to identify the better solution to be implemented as NBS. The ULL Manager could be supported by a team of appointed users and experts.