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It is often tempting to devise a campaign behind closed doors before a final reveal to participants. However, the net effect would be to turn your ‘participants’ into little more than facilitators. By opening up the planning process, you can design a campaign that takes into account the needs and aspirations of the community, as well as the availability of individual members. Each time you revisit the campaign to take account of developments and follow-ups, the schedule should be updated with each iteration. After a period of reflection, new stages can be contributed and removed by participants, which will eventually lead to a streamlined and rewarding experience.

Format Method, WorkshopTimeframe 1hGroup Size AllFacilitation Level LowRequired Materials Large sheet of paper, Markers


  • Print or mark out a sizable calendar canvas covering a date-range of your choosing. This can be the length of time you have to achieve your goal, or a specific timespan for the campaign as a whole.
  • Have the participants think of key events that will need to take place for each goal to be achieved, from sensing periods, to analysis, to discussions and more. Write these onto Post-its or action cards, and map them onto the calendar. Discuss how each action will help achieve the goals of the project.
  • Discuss decisions. Arrange (and rearrange, as required).
  • Participants should also put their name down for the activities they wish to and are able to attend, allowing everyone to spot gaps in planning. Make sure there is a venue and a time allocated for each event.


Ownership often creates attachment: we are all much less willing to give up on things we have created and worked for ourselves. If you approach the structuring and planning of your pilot in a collaborative way, you can create a campaign that everyone can take ownership of, and will be less likely to abandon as a result.


Keep in mind the guiding question while implementing this method: what do I need to do to get the information I am looking for?
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