Communication map

A visual overview of the communication channels that are being used (and not used) by a specific target group. Review a list of channels and assess the frequency of use, the social context in which they are used and the type of information that is shared on each of them. To understand how you can share information or how to communicate with the different stakeholders in the project. It also informs you about the type of information they are being exposed to and what their preferences are for channels and format.

Format Method, WorkshopTimeframe < 1hGroup Size AllFacilitation Level MediumRequired Materials Pen and paper, Print


  • Decide on how to use this tool, it can be filled out by participants on their own, or in an interview setting. In the first case you can explain the whole tool and let people fill it out on their own. In the second case you place the map in front of the interviewee and fill it out together.
  • Let the participants follow the instructions on the worksheet. Start with a simple drawing of themselves in the inner circle and add their name, gender and age. 
  • Place the icons of the different communication channels and tools in the circles according to how often they use them: every day, every week, every month. Or outside the circles if they are never used. 
  • For the channels and tools that are most used, describe more details: 1) When do you use this? 2) What do you use this for? 3) Who do you use it with? 4) How do you use it?


Understanding which communication channels your users use and how they use them.


This tool can be used online, offline, through a survey. And if you use it with people who are illiterate you can also record voice messages for the icons.