Idea Dashboard

The Idea Dashboard is a worksheet (or “dashboard”) to simply articulate what your (early stage) idea or solution is. Capturing a few details on this sheet can help you think through some of the basic details of your idea. Also, often different members of a team see the same discussed solution in very different ways. Creating a dashboard puts the team on the same page.

Format TemplateTimeframe 30-40 minutesGroup Size 1-15Facilitation Level MediumRequired Materials A0 poster or whiteboard, Markers


  • Select an idea. Prepare the template (A0 poster or a white board) and ask participants to note down an idea of how to tackle a pre-defined problem.
  • Ask questions. Questions should be posted to the participants, encouraging them to further explain or define the idea. The questions asked can be: “What is it”, “How does it work?”, “Why is it important to the user”.
  • Answers and wrapping up. The participants should provide answers to the questions raised in the previous step. When the idea is adequately defined the facilitator can end the session. Results of the session should be summarized in an excel sheet.


  • Adapting or improving an idea.
  • Helpful tool used during the brainstorming session.
  • It allows all participants to contribute to refining the idea.


  • Dashboards focus on the important, not the trivial. Your Idea Dashboard doesn’t need to list every blog post, just those you’re most likely to want to revisit.
  • Your listings in your Idea Dashboard don’t have to include all the information but only the key ideas.
  • Make sure your Idea Dashboard is visual so you are able to find key information at a glance.
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