Open-Innovation Hackathon

This tool is inspired by the Open Innovation Hackathon hosted by Municipality of Genoa, Engeneering and Fiware Foundation. The municipality gave three general themes and organised a meeting with experts and stakeholders to define the challenges. Later each hackathon team could submit their idea to face the challenge. The ideas have been uploaded on the platform according to their challenge and each member of the team could modify it. The facilitator could monitor the ideas and the panel of judges had the chance to study the proposals. The platform allowed to upload attached files to the proposal. A guide and on-line support have been provided.

Format ICTTimeframe 1-2 hoursGroup Size 2Facilitation Level MediumRequired Materials PC, internet connection


  • The manager or the facilitator uploads the challenge.
  • The participants build a team and chooses a challenge.
  • Participants subscribe and log-in to the platform.
  • Participants upload their idea.
  • If the participants have any problems they can read the guide or use the online support.
  • Each member of the team can modify the proposal or upload a file.
  • The facilitators can check the proposal and make comments.
  • The panel of judges votes for the best idea.


  • Participants can participate in the hackathon remotely
  • Continuous presence of a facilitator is not needed


The platform is user friendly not only for the participants but also for the managers and the facilitators.

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