Format MethodTimeframe 1 - 2 hGroup Size AllFacilitation Level LowRequired Materials Pen and paper


  • Map out the skillsets and backgrounds of people you need to recruit into the project. Keep your scope broad, and consider the rich variety of skillsets and backgrounds that will give added value to the project.
  • Once you have identified the types of skills and background experiences you need from the community, it is time to consider where you Can find these people, and in what environments they are likely to be found: for example, if you are looking for young tech programmers, you may consider looking at local hackerspaces; or if you need legal support, consider law students, who usually are keen to put their knowledge into practice.
  • By now, you should have clear idea of the skills you need in the community, as well as the environments where the identified skills can be found. At this point, time to prepare your recruitment strategy and find the best tools to bring in the relevant people who can help make your project a success.


Building your community is a key element for your project, but the way you reach out to the multiple relevant communities and how you bring them on board is even more essential. A number of recruitment tools may help you save time and recruit more efficiently.


Keep in mind the guiding question while implementing this method: what are the skillsets and backgrounds of people you need to recruit into the project, and in which communities can you find them?
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