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Stakeholder CV Tool

The Stakeholder CV tool combines a series of proven methods of stakeholder analysis that help understanding stakeholders, their background, thoughts, beliefs, expectations and relations. It can help resolve conflicts that might arise during the co-creation process and to increase trust between stakeholders and the project itself.

Format TemplateTimeframe 1 dayGroup Size 1Facilitation Level AdvancedRequired Materials PC, template


  • Gather general information.
  • Prioritise stakeholders.
  • Identify type of stakeholder.
  • Define expectations.
  • Identify gaps and relationships amongst stakeholders (three tools to be used are the Empathy Map, Semi-structured Interview and Actor-linkage matrix).
  • Prioritise gaps (you need to grade each gap on the Effort to solve, Impact if solved, Frequency).
  • Identify messages (the message needs to persuade the stakeholders to support and engage with the project and/or goals. It needs to show the benefits of what the project is doing and focus on key performance drivers, such as increasing profitability or delivering real improvements.


  • Insight into user personas.
  • In depth analysis of stakeholders.


  • Steps 2 and 3 share a form.
  • Steps 6 and 7 include the definition of the workplan.
  • Marta de los Ríos White
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