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Stakeholder persona

Personas are fictional characters who embody the archetype of your
stakeholders (civil society, researchers and consultants, policy makers,
economic actors). They are created through exhaustive observation
of the stakeholder segment and the drawing together of their shared
characteristics, behaviors, motivations, interests, etc. It is a useful tool to
really focus on getting to know who you are designing for.

Format MethodTimeframe 2 hoursGroup Size AllFacilitation Level MediumRequired Materials Pen



The goal of the activity is to make the persona as accurate as possible and hence as detailed and nuanced as can be. Start by giving your persona a name and identifying from which stakeholder’s segment s/he comes from. Then move on to describe who s/he is: age, personal background, education level, profession, etc. Now, make a sketch of your persona (remember you can always take a picture and use photos to sketch if you can’t draw). Move on to the other sections in any order you would like and feel free to add more details.
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