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Value Proposition Canvas

This tool is used to understand your user’s needs (Customer Profile section) and how your product/service can create value for your user’s and meet their expectations (Value Proposition section). The different elements forming the Customer Segment and the Value Proposition are explained here.

Format TemplateTimeframe 1 hourGroup Size 5-10Facilitation Level MediumRequired Materials A0 version of the canvas o Markers o Pens


  • The canvas is composed of two different sections: the Customer Segment and the Value Proposition. It is important to always start with the users. Users should be first identified and an individual canvas should be done for each of them.
  • Users are asked to reflect on (1) the Jobs/tasks they would like/have to accomplish in their work (2) the Pains/costs/difficult situations that prevent users from getting their jobs done (3) the Gains/benefits/ positive results users aspire to obtain.
  • Once the Customer Segment part of the canvas is completed, the exercise moves to the Value Proposition section of the canvas. Here the products or services that could be developed should be listed.
  • Users are asked to identify in what ways the different products and services are Gain Creators and Pain relievers to their previously identified Pains and Gains.
  • Achieve the fit by creating a clear connection between what matters to users and how your product/service creates gains and relieves pains.


  • A simple way to understand user needs. 
  • Better understanding of how to design products and services that are desired by users/citizens.
  • Ensures a fit between a product/service and the target users.


  • One canvas should address a unique combination of the customer segment and service/product.
  • It is important to ask enough “Why’s” during the brainstorming in order to obtain as much information as possible. Also important is to reach a high level of empathy with the customer in order to truly understand their motivations and needs.
  • Use the tool to design, test, and iterate your value proposition until you figure out what resonates with customers.
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