Vision Development

The purpose of the Vision Development Workshops is to define the desired future scenario for a city for the long term. It is a series of workshops with policymakers, strategy developers, internal and external experts. Local stakeholders (companies, citizens, public and private organisations, and knowledge institutes) are invited to take part. In the workshops, the cities ambition is challenged with the drivers for change, that result from expert research. A visualiser captures the rich discussion and images the desired future that people anticipate.

Format WorkshopTimeframe 3 daysGroup Size 40-45Facilitation Level AdvancedRequired Materials A person who visualises the ideas. Posters


  • The first part of the vision development activity is to identify Drivers for Change that influence the future of smart and sustainable cities in general. The Future Telling research method is an approach to create context-related possible future scenarios in a creative, imaginative way. Future Telling research consists of a structured method to map expertise and ideas of thought leaders from the Smart Cities domain. Through interviews and analysis leading to the Drivers for Change for liveable and smart cities in 2050.
  • Then Scenario Workshops will be held. Together with policy-makers and strategic (internal and external) stakeholders to develop a rich, contextual scenario for the city. Local stakeholders (companies, citizens, public and private organisations and knowledge institutes) are invited to take part in the workshops through the networks in the cities.
  • Together, the participants define a rich desired future scenario which will be interactively build-up to a visualisation of the desired future scenario.


Creating a shared language between stakeholders. Identify the main challenge areas. Make strategic planning process more focused and specific.