The Frameboard canvas is a tool developed by Guido Stomff (2018) and used by Cube as a main tool in their design approach. The Frameboard is a canvas/template to visualize and communicate the results of the exploration of one frame. A frame in this sense is a certain perspective on the problem/challenge.

Format MethodTimeframe 2 - 3 hoursGroup Size AllFacilitation Level MediumRequired Materials Pen and paper, Frameboard template



The frameboard is also relevant for describing the idea in a slightly different way than the idea cards. It gives more space to the sketch and visual drawing.


In this design methodology, the exploration of at least 6 – 10 different frames is recommended to visualise and understand the problem. The template is used to then visualise these frames. These frameboards then help you discuss the different frames, different views on the problem and different types of solutions.